Most bibliography titles are available online from Kazi Publications

books by Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar:

Sufi: Expressions of the Mystical Quest
; Thames and Hudson; 1976

God's Will Be Done; vols. 1,2 and 3; Kazi Publications

volume 1; Traditional Psychoethics and Personality Paradigm; 1993

volume 2: The Moral Healer's Handbook;1994

volume 3: Moral Healing through the Most Beautiful Names;1994

Helen of Tus: Her Oddessy from Idaho to Iran (w/ Bakhtiari Rose); Institute of Traditional Psychology; 2002

Sufi Women: Angels in the Making: Kazi Publications; 1997

The Sense of Unity: The Sufi Tradition in Persian Architecture (w/ Nader Ardalan); ABC Publications, 2000

books on Sufism by others:

The Self-Disclosure of God; William Chittick; SUNY ; NY

An Introduction to Sufism; Titus Burkhardt

Islamic Patterns; An Analytical and Cosmological Approach; Keith Critchlow; Inner Traditions

Books of related interest:

Philosophical Geometry; Andre VandenBroeck; Inner Traditions

A Study of Numbers; R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz; Inner Traditions

Knowledge and the Sacred; Seyyed Hossein Nasr; SUNY Press