November 2000: The Stopinder interview with Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar is now available. For ordering info or to view the cover image visit the Stopinder Journal website.


October 2000: The Stopinder interview will be available at the end of this month. If you would like to obtain a copy please email us.


September 2000: A number of people have responded to the CBT Course .If you wish to enroll please email us. For more information see the summary of the course on the CBT Course page.


August 2000: Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar was interviewed by Jim Gomez for the forthcoming Fall issue of Stopinder: A Gurdjieff Journal for Our Times. The Fall issue is due out in October - for ordering information please watch this space...


August 2000: Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar presented a workshop on Rumi and the Sufi Enneagram on August 4, 2000, at 10:15 a.m., as part of the International Enneagram Association's Conference 2000 in San Francisco, California, USA ( day 1, first session).

Cassette tapes of Dr. Bakhtiar's presentation (and other conference presentations) are available through Conference Recording Service, Inc. in Berkeley, California - tel: (510) 527-3600. Quote the reference IEA20.

For more details on the conference, visit the IEA website at:


July 2000: The Computer Based Training Course on the Sufi Enneagram is now available through the website. Visit the CBT Course page where you can read a summary of the course including cost details, enrollment procedure and secure online payment via credit card.